Lyrics to Wooden Pints
by Korpiklaani

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[edit]Song titleWooden Pints
[edit]Artist nameKorpiklaani
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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There's men, underground
Who have never seen the sun
But they really know how to party
Little men from underground
Who have never seen the sun
But the really know how to party

The rise their wooden pints
and they yoik and sing
And they fight and dance 'till the morning

Tables full, reindeer meat
And the camp fire shines and the
brick walls are full candles
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They don't care about their sins
They just wanna get drunk and party


Long war is now past
Only good men have lasted
They need women, meat, beer and rom
Fight battle full of blood
no thoughts about god they
just slaughtered killed
and tormented

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Lyrics to Wooden Pints
by Korpiklaani

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