Lyrics to Soul Surfin'
by Kottonmouth Kings

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[edit]Song titleSoul Surfin'
[edit]Artist nameKottonmouth Kings
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Soul surfin searching for the truth getting
buried deep inside and come out wantin

Soul Surfin’ in the greenroom
When the time is right, you’re plant will bloom
Soul Surf, Drop in and take a ride
Live day to day just to get by

Soul surfin carvin to the bone sittin in the pocket flowin all alone
Soul surf
Soul surfin searchin for a home
Lookin for a girl I can call my own

Soul surfin searching for the truth getting buried
deep inside and come out wantin more

You can’t lose what you don’t got, just look and you will see
So many lost souls wandering through these streets aimlessly
Life’s like a puzzle to me, I’m only missing one piece
Soul Surfin’ gonna search for my soul eternally
I know eventually I will find my soul mate
The One I want to go home to every night of every day
But until then I’m gonna have fun and play
Keep a smile on my face, I ride this life like a wave

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Waitin for the day that I could just call her
Soul surf
Soul surfin I’m all by myself
I don’t need a girl that cares about wealth

I’m soul surfin and searchin for a lady and these
fools probably think that I’m crazy
I ain’t shady baby I’ll tell it like it is
When you look in my face you’ll no I’m serious
Now it’s delirious all these funny
pretty girls trying to get up in my face
and trying to rule
my world
What do you want form me
I’m the D-Loc
The capital D
What you get’s what you see.

Soul surfin searching for the truth getting buried
deep inside and come out wantin more-
Soul Surfin in the green room when your
time is right your plant will bloom Soul
Surfin touchin
blue sky’s up high where spirits fly pretty,
pretty, pretty we’re to young to die
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Lyrics to Soul Surfin'
by Kottonmouth Kings

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