Lyrics to System Decay
by Kreator

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[edit]Song titleSystem Decay
[edit]Artist nameKreator
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Look into cities eyes
Mirror of souls
Now tell me what you see
Beneath the hole
Another sick
Another poor
Another slave
Another weak
Another lost
another dark System Decay

System Decay

I look into your eyes
Empty and cold
I'll tell you what i see
All that unfolds
Another sheep
Another dead
Another grave
Another cursed
Another doomed
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System Decay

Silence falls when
worlds collide
Egos replaced souls in
fields of lies
Minds and spirits sacrificed
controlled by a
modern lord of

And in this dying world
Without a sun
Existing shadow like
Fear what may come
A poisoned arrow shot
Straight through your heart
And so you fade away
Within this dark system decay
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Lyrics to System Decay
by Kreator

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