Lyrics to Snakebit
by Kris Kristofferson

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[edit]Song titleSnakebit
[edit]Artist nameKris Kristofferson
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Don't give me no more goddamn pain
Baby, the time has turned the tide
I didn't need no ball and chain
I got the numbers on my side

I... didn't want to love you
I... swear to God it's true
I... don't like dreaming of you
But I... but damn my soul, I do.

Y'see, I got hit so hard, I thought I was dyin'
Then I fell so far, I thought I could fly
Find more similar lyrics on from the start, if somebody's lying,
Double-cross your heart, and don't even try.

Because I... sure don't want to need you
I...'d hate to count on you
I...'m tired of going crazy, anymore
But I... but damn my soul, I do.

Don't give me no more goddamn pain
Baby, the time has turned the tide
I didn't need no ball and chain
I got the numbers on my side.
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Lyrics to Snakebit
by Kris Kristofferson

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