Lyrics to Slaughtering Void
by Krisiun

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[edit]Song titleSlaughtering Void
[edit]Artist nameKrisiun
[edit]Lyrics languageMalay
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Twilightful reaping winds
Blowing soul's execution
Etheral massacre - sacrifice beyond
Perpetual fiery - slaughtering void
Embrace the wanderer to be reborn in pain

Ghost enslaved procession - march to blackness
Inferno fiercely calls - summoning pestilence
Decayed creatures - sworn to descend
As the fallen earth awaits

Entangled in firestorms - plagued spirits
Transcending the pain of flagellation
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Abyssal journey - sons of twilight
Embraced by the scourge of creation

Worm's spectres - cast in abominations
Eternal sacrificila curse
Worm's spectres - cast in abominations
Eternal sacrificila curse

Eminant decay - rebirth of scourge
Darkened as dead - eternity remains
Hordes of the covenant of the season of doom
Burn the purity to be purified again
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Lyrics to Slaughtering Void
by Krisiun

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