Lyrics to Do Sum'n
by Krizz Kaliko

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[edit]Song titleDo Sum'n
[edit]Artist nameKrizz Kaliko
Big Krizz Kaliko
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Kali baby...)

I'm fucked up, you fucked up, we fucked up
Can we do sum'n?
Hell yeah (Hell yeah)
Hell yeah (Hell yeah)
Hell yeah (Hell yeah)
N I'm about to get up in it.
I'm fucked up, you fucked up, we fucked up
Can we get it freaky?
Hell yeah (Hell yeah)
Hell yeah (Hell yeah)
Hell yeah (Hell yeah)
N we gon' leave her in a minute

We in the V.I.P. spot
Lookin for them nono girls
Who wanna give it to us even though they barely knew us
In Kazoo there they would do the crew, there's two for me and one for you
N dey make me hot
N I'm lookin for a girl to do some
Extra able-bodied, baby till the night stop
Are you gon' be that one?
That very special one?
To come to do me right
Like we on our wedding night
If so, okay, let's go;
My room, clothes hit the flo.
And where they go we'll never know
Blame it on the Cuervo.

It's kinda hard to resist a sista
With tha lips of an angel an dem big ole hips on her
Like what I seen and then I made my approach
I said "Ya got a good team, baby ya need a new coach."
N I'm a 5-10 minute mac
Find more similar lyrics on when we finish that
151 rrum wonder if I know how to act
It's movin thru me and you too
And ain't no tellin whatchu gon do
When the sex on tha beach is affectin how ya speakin (Yeah!)
Ain't even the weekend; you creepin on a Thursday
Boughtchu a drink cause you lookin thirstay!
Gobble it gobble it!


We offa one too many!
Baby let me call us a cab!
We way too tipsy!
Ya lookin like ya got sum'n ya wantin me ta have
So let's make the night go right
Go back to my castle, relax a baby
Lemme relax you, n when I make tha lights go low
You go low, woman
Kali baby, known for makin women want him! (Really!)
(It ain't ova! Let me turn you ova!
I told you I'm a beast now lemme show you girl!)
Fasten your seatbelt it's bout to get turbulent,
After I hurdle your girdle we'll experiment,
An' I know I'm to' up

1 and 2 and 3, foreplay
You do what-e-ver I say
It's only right of you to spend the night
Now come on bay bay
First we'll let the song play,
Then do what the song say
We're married any way
It's all a part of our role play

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Lyrics to Do Sum'n
by Krizz Kaliko

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