Lyrics to Enslaved by the Madness
by Kronos

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[edit]Song titleEnslaved by the Madness
[edit]Artist nameKronos
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Spiritual dedale

Music : Grams, Siaux - Lyrics : Tems

Madness, cancer of the rain
Like worms on a carrion
Like ravens on a corpse
Like wolves after their prey
Like vermin on the guts
Like vampires on the blood
Like cannibals on the flesh

Enslaved by the madness

Lost control on a human machine
Eaten by schizophrenia and paranoia
Find more similar lyrics on cries and screams of terror
The whirlpool of your brain

Pain, cries, unleash my head
Crows shout, sound of their wings
Mad, weak, infernal torment
I must die !!!
Death, fallen in a black hole
Time, space, forever ended
No end !!!

Snakes creep inside, crows fly
above, schizophrenia
Suffocation, possession, paranoia

Madness, cancer of the...brain...
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Lyrics to Enslaved by the Madness
by Kronos

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