Lyrics to Alive
by Krupps

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[edit]Song titleAlive
[edit]Artist nameKrupps
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Where's the hand that guided me
my cry within me is let me be
crossing the endless seas of pain
fighting against torrential rain
it seems pain is the experience in life
I'm sorely
tried by affliction in my life
I have to master this impossible situation
this driving force is my salvation
The world in my arms - I'm alive
Love is pain, pain is strife
In my world - I'm alive
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This driving force sets me in strife
that driving force that's in my life
Whatever the pain is - I must survive
determination keeps me alive
this extreme situation makes
me realize - I'm alive
it makes me realize it changed my life
Hope is the hand that guided me
secured by the hand that set me free.
Music: Engler. Lyrics: Engler, Engler.
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Lyrics to Alive
by Krupps

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