Lyrics to Over and over
by Kry

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[edit]Song titleOver and over
[edit]Artist nameKry
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(James and Rebekah Caggegi)
I have seen my heart grow cold to
things I once held close
Things You've shown to me
I have looked into Your eyes I've
seen the tears You've cried
Times I've walked away
Over and over again Still Your mercies never end Freely
You forgive And You wash away my sins
I'm a pilgrim on this earth and
it's You I want to serve
But so many times I will fall
So I set my mind on things above
Find more similar lyrics on in Your love
'Til you take me home
Over and over again I see how weak I am
I need forgiveness again So on
Your promise I will stand
You are faithful and just to forgive
Until I'm with You there in heaven
Over and over again I will bow before the Lamb
You have forgiven my sin
You have made me whole again
Over and over again Still Your mercies never end
I need forgiveness again
So on Your promise I will stand
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Lyrics to Over and over
by Kry

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