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Nothing it Is (Ya Nada Keda en Ingles) by Kudai

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[edit]Song titleNothing it Is (Ya Nada Keda en Ingles)
[edit]Artist nameKudai
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I can hear you say that you get for end to
remember loose aroud again I don´t wanna
talk not even to look this is just alost in
never tought cause you will be away for me and
someone else just took and let away

cause you and me it´s over over along
it´s gone just to the places no sun no fun
youre thougts outsides about me everything is
over around i´ts gone

when it look around i can see my heart loosing
every moment by your side how could i forget life
for every day wishing to beliving every days
with you away it´s just the end It´s
lonelines just makes me wanna scape
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Cause you and me it´s over over along
Iit´s gone just to the places no sun no fun
you´re tough outsides obout me everything
is over along it´s gone

you and me it´s over over along it´s
gone just to the places no sun no fun
you´re touhgt outside about me everything
over along it´s gone

I can steel feel you, I can steel dreamin´
about this feeling take me back for you
You´re heart keep inside me you´re
kisses are make me gone nananana nanana
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Version 1 (oldest) of Lyrics to
Nothing it Is (Ya Nada Keda en Ingles) by Kudai

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