Lyrics to School Daze
by Kutt Calhoun

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[edit]Song titleSchool Daze
[edit]Artist nameKutt Calhoun
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Girl: Hey Melvin, I mean Mr. Kutt Calhoun!
Kutt Calhoun: Hey what's up girl how you doin?
Girl: Heard you on the radio, ya'll doin ya'll thang
Kutt Calhoun: Yeah yeah you know, tryin to get this money mane!
Girl: You should give me your number so we ca go out sometime
Kutt Calhoun: Oh fa sho fa sho here it is here it is! 816-777-9311!
Girl: Alright I'm a give you a call
Kutt Calhoun: Alright do that baby alright!
Girl: Wait a minute! 777-9311, wait a minute nigga this ain't no god damn number this a song!

I ain't gotta fabricate my past I always done had bitches
You can ask the teachers, principal, and his assisstant
They know about melvin calhoun and they can tell ya
I often had my way when it came to them izabellas
But this is bout them bitches who wouldn't give me the digits
Or time of day not to mention or kindly hate when you spoke to them
You in her vision you know that you lookin crispy But all of a sudden she turn her nose up when you get closer in
You know the kind that was prissy and actin rude
Dressin sexy and she was cool cause her nigga was out of school
Now all I got to say now is bitch you a fool
You too late up in this for now, I'm rich heard me up on the radio and now you tryna holla I'm a
Keep that in mind while you steady standin in line Waitin for your shirt to get signed
And what's goin on thru my mind is
She was a dime but I'm seein now that the time and the firmness of your behind has depleted
You ain't that fine trick
Now I can say
That the night has turned to day
And yeah you hurt me
But you ain't worthy
You need to get ya pain
Cause I remember way

Back in the day
She said she didn't wanna
Now that I'm makin big pay
She smellin my aroma
Way back in the day
She said she didn't wanna
Now that I'm makin big pay
She smellin my aroma
Girl wait a minute

Hey I remember you
Used to be the most popular girl walkin around in the halls of central high school
For your sake let's use codename Tischa
Always in nautica shirts and pants and white k-swiss's
Or eastlands
Remember how I used to be peekin and seekin
At the skippin parties you wouldn't speak then
Gave me your number then I found out you was just teasin
Your b-friend was a baller on all golds with the beat and
I wasn't old enough and plus I didn't sell deep and
It's crazy how a chick will cut you low at knees men
Find more similar lyrics on caught up with you that's when I found out that he's been
Labeled a snitch and now he sits in a penitentiary and he will never get out, get out
I know it hurts don't it
To know you wasted your time
Now you a baby mama, hard times
Those are the worst moments
You kinda cute but not fine
Told me you noticed my shine
Asked me if you could be mine
Let me retort on it
Now I can say
That the night has turned to day
And yeah you hurt me
But you ain't worthy
You need to get ya pain
Cause I remember way


This last one is sort of a doozy
Lord I miss suzy
Q and all the cream filling sure to be oozin
She more than a floozy
Whore she a beauty store
I tell ya I'm a go a mi amore
Straight spanish
She used to walk around in leather and lace spandex
And any nigga callin her ground would make pantin
A fiesty little chica with ass and stayed manish
Would cut a bitch in a blind second she gave damage
She never messed with a black dude
The very first girl I ever seen with a back full of tattoos
Said mommy I'm at you
And she didn't front
She let me get in between them thighs and hips
Put her legs all around my head and let me drill it
Kill it
Now I'm infatuated
Was on her every day
Once I ejaculated
Don't wanna ever stray
Niggas was glad to hate it
Got props in every way
And I ain't mad she gave it
So I won't ever say


Back in the days when I was young I'm not a kid anymore
Back back back in the days when I was young
Back back back back back in the days when I was young I'm not a kid anymore
Back back back in the days
Back in the days
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Lyrics to School Daze
by Kutt Calhoun

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