Lyrics to Through The Years
by Kylie Minogue

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[edit]Song titleThrough The Years
[edit]Artist nameKylie Minogue
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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This fever I have is because of you
My body is blazing
The flames alight and lick at my ear
So that I can only hear
Muddled words of you
Through the years

Too many a trusted word was said
My body was porous
I savored every drop of you
I took it all as true
Now I wonder my way
Through the years
Through the years

Ooh, you blinded me with all your light
I wish I could see now
Promises and lies ignite the fire
And I wonder why I believed in you
Through the years
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Through the years of joy and laughter
Of tears and sadness, of hope and heart
Through the years of love and loving
Of hurt and healing, falling apart

(I believed in you, I believed in you
I believed in you and I wonder, wonder why)

I'm no longer fooled by your disguise
I'm sorry that you are
I pity all the pretensions of you
And now I start anew, I wish my way
Through the years
Through the years

Through the years
Through the years
Through the years
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Lyrics to Through The Years
by Kylie Minogue

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