Lyrics to Angie
by La Ley

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[edit]Song titleAngie
[edit]Artist nameLa Ley
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Oh Angie - Angie - When will those
dark clouds disappear
Oh Angie - Angie - Where will it
lead us from here
With no loving in our souls and
no money in our coats - you
can't say we're satisfied -
But Angie - Angie. ------------------------->
Oh Angie - You can't say
we never tried - Oh Angie - Angie -You're
beautiful - Ain't it time we say
goodbye - Oh Angie - Still love you -
Remember al those nights we cried.
All the dreams we held so close seem
Find more similar lyrics on all go up in smoke - Let me wisper
in your ear - But Angie - Angie - Angie.
But Angie - I still love you baby -
Every where I look I see your eyes -
There Ain't no woman that comes close to
you - Come on baby dry your eyes.
But Angie - Angie - Ain't good to be alive
Oh Angie - Angie - They can't say we never
tried - Oh Angie - Angie - Ain't it good to be
alive - Oh Angie - Angie - They can't say we
never tried.

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Lyrics to Angie
by La Ley

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