Lyrics to Lady Lost in Time
by Labyrinth

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[edit]Song titleLady Lost in Time
[edit]Artist nameLabyrinth
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Lady, lost in time
Lady, let me try
Never lose the faith
Keep on trying once again

Wake up from the night
Flowing in your mind
time has gone, but
something's left behind
... a little twinkling light ...

light of wasted memories
tell me, can you see?
Everyone has one,
somewhere in his heart
... you simply gotta find.

Lady, lost in time
Lady, let me try
Never lose the faith
Keep on trying once again

Tell me what you feel
Tell me what you need
Find more similar lyrics on you're calling for
some help on your way
... I promise. I'll be there ...

Please don't ask me why,
Please don't make me lie
Life is like a game in
wich you win or lose
but you can't ever choose

Lady, lost in time
Lady, let me try
Never lose the faith
Keep on trying once again


Lady, lost in time
Lady, let me try
Never lose the faith
Keep on trying once again

(Magnani C., Cantarelli
A., Rubulotta F.)
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Lyrics to Lady Lost in Time
by Labyrinth

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