Lyrics to Devil's Diner
by Lake of Tears

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[edit]Song titleDevil's Diner
[edit]Artist nameLake of Tears
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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As the bell strikes twelve, I say we say farewell
I say we say farewell as the bell strikes twelve
Tonight's the night my friend, tonight's the night
The night it all shall end as the bell strikes twelve

As the bell strikes twelve he welcomes us to hell
He welcomes us to hell as the bell strikes twelve
He's the one so bad, and he's the one
The one so very glad as the bell strikes twelve

Oh, devil dire, save a chair for me
Oh, devil dire, for me and my Lily

Find more similar lyrics on table set for three, my Lily, him and me
And a candelier
All seven candles lit, it scares a little bit
Oh, little Lily dear

As the bell strikes twelve he speaks the evil spell
He speaks the evil spell as the bell strikes twelve
Now's the time my dear, now's the time
The time we all once fear as the bell strikes twelve

Oh, devil dire, save a chair for me
Oh, devil dire, for me and my Lily
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Lyrics to Devil's Diner
by Lake of Tears

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