Lyrics to Running in Circles
by Lalaine

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[edit]Song titleRunning in Circles
[edit]Artist nameLalaine
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Even now
I find myself
Thinking about what we had
All this time
I wonder why
Our good love went bad

I fell so empty inside
It's like a part of me died
And there's no
place left to hide
From this loneliness tonight


Running in circles
Around and around
(I said) I'm
running in circles
And I can't get you
out of my mind

You used to be
Find more similar lyrics on there for me
In so many ways
My memories
Are black and white
And sometimes shades of gray

I'm trying so hard to find
What it is I left behind
And maybe I'll know in time
Why my heart can't let you go



Where does it end
'Cause I don't know
where to begin
Again and again
I ask myself why

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Lyrics to Running in Circles
by Lalaine

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