Lyrics to Step On You
by Laleh

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[edit]Song titleStep On You
[edit]Artist nameLaleh
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I lost my bones tonight
Stepped on sharp stone tonight
See me loose my head
Not sleeping in my bed

I gave someone some air
But he took my breath and then I said
I said you got in now get out of here
I won't give you that permission again
They told me, don't be so shy
If you're so weak
They will try
They told me, don't be so shy
If you show you're week
Find more similar lyrics on will try
To step on you

I should be careful
With every step I give in
Be careful so
All their reasons
Ain't my reason for living

I lost my sense tonight
Stepped on thin air tonight
I won't move an inch
Mama says it's ok to be a bitch, he hey...
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Lyrics to Step On You
by Laleh

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