Lyrics to Hit The Wall
by Lamb of God

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[edit]Song titleHit The Wall
[edit]Artist nameLamb of God
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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What's yours is unsure, what's mine will stay mine, stay sure the two never shall meet
The only discussion is the bottom line from the flood of our trash to the street
I've had to learn, to see a single direction, myself staring right back at me
Perfecting perception, and my own reflection,
Scripting this hollow dignity...
(you sold away your name)

And who will break your fall? (break your fall)
After you've used them all (used them all)
After you hit the wall...

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Hanging on hooks waiting for us to mumble, they drool when we ring the bell
Waiting for something to make it make sense Road kill on the money trail
Under the wheels now I'm over the fence, the highest bid gets the soul for sale
(you sold away your name)

And who will break your fall? (break your fall)
After you've used them all (used them all)
After you hit the wall...
Without an ounce of shame, you sold away your name,
After you hit the wall.
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Lyrics to Hit The Wall
by Lamb of God

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