Lyrics to Fly
by Lamb

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[edit]Song titleFly
[edit]Artist nameLamb
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Take me away so far away
I'm tired of looking over my shoulder
The things I've done weigh heavily
They tie me down won't let me go free

Angels come and take me on silver wings
Carry me up to the sky
Angels come free me from earthly things
And I'll fly, I'll fly, I'll fly

If I could go back to where I began, I would
Yeah if only I could
I'd never do no one no harm
Wear a halo so heavenly I'd grow
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Angels come and take me on silver wings
Carry me up to the sky
Angels come free me from ugly things
And I'll fly, I'll fly, I'll fly

Angels come and take me on silver wings
Carry me up to the sky
Angels come free me from ugly things
And I'll fly, I'll fly, I'll fly

I'll fly, I'll fly
I'll fly, I'll fly
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Lyrics to Fly
by Lamb

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