Lyrics to Zero
by Lamb

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[edit]Song titleZero
[edit]Artist nameLamb
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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There's no one here today 'cause someone took the light away
There's nothing in my heart, don't think I could even start to explain
I couldn't stand the pain of losing something so much a part of me
Though in reality you were hardly there in my heart

You were everything, everything
You were everything, everything

In these few hours, a breath of summertime has turn to winter rain
In such little time all my hope is gone, will it ever be the same?
All I ever wanted was to see your face
See a little smile for my little one and let you know, and let you know

You were everything, everything
You were everything, everything
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Babe I did all I could just to give you life
I'd have done anything just to give you life
Life, life, life

Out there in the dark, your little spirit is lost without a home
Oh, don't be afraid, I'm thinking of you, no you'll never be alone
Someday, somehow when the time is right be an angel
Smile upon me and give your life to give your life

And give everything, everything
And give everything, everything
To give your life, to give your life, to give your life
And give everything, and give everything
And give everything, and give everything
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Lyrics to Zero
by Lamb

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