Lyrics to Ghost of a Chance
by Lari White

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[edit]Song titleGhost of a Chance
[edit]Artist nameLari White
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Lari White/Chuck Jones)

I've got my arms around the sweetest love I've ever found
It's something I'd fight to hold onto
But I'm giving in, this is a battle I can't win
I've done all that I can do

She's still standing in the dark
at the edge of your heart
Calling up the way things used to be
Find more similar lyrics on I'm standing in the light, ready to fight
If I could only see the enemy
But, I don't stand a ghost of a chance
Against her memory

Time and time again she fades out and she fades in
Your heart is a haunted place
And when you're loving me now and then I see
Her shadow fall across your face
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Lyrics to Ghost of a Chance
by Lari White

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