Lyrics to Typical
by Laura Marling

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[edit]Song titleTypical
[edit]Artist nameLaura Marling
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Again I let jealousy blind me today.
My oldest friend and I blew her away.
Just a few kind words and all I could say was I've known you of ten years it feels like a day.
And oh I watched her cry, torn apart at the hands of a child.
And again I used arrogance as something to depend
and condemned all religion to pitiless end.
And a politician's resonance rang through my mind.
Patriotic in one sense the other just blind.
Oh so many died, torn apart at the hands of a child

And I'll keep on going I've got nothing to lose.
I gave up morals when I took up you
and it's boring to hear of another young truth
and what typically shit thing to do.

I was so shallow to the one man'd stuck around
sunk so low that I nearly drowned
Find more similar lyrics on I screamed of his heart when he wasn't around
Consoled him recklessly, I knew you were down.
Oh I watched him cry, a broken heart at the hands of a child.

And I'll keep on going I've got nothing to lose
I gave up morals when I took up you
and its boring to hear, of another young truth
and what a typically shit thing to do.

I have felt heartbreak too and I know what it feels like.
I have felt heartbreak now you can leave me alone right.
I have felt loneliness and I know what it feels like.

But I kept on going I had nothing to lose,
and I gave up morals when I took up booze.
And it's boring to hear of another young truth
and what a typically shit thing to do.
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Lyrics to Typical
by Laura Marling

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