Lyrics to Surrende to Love
by Laura Pausini (Completo)

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[edit]Song titleSurrende to Love
[edit]Artist nameLaura Pausini (Completo)
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Narada Michael Walden)

Sometimes we hide like we are warriors in battle
Fighting all our fears So many wounded hearts keep
building up defenses And nearly disappear

But i still keep believin’ your dream of a day
When we can freely give all our love away (away)
Why stay the way we are It hasn’t worked so far
It’s a new day What if we all could say

Surrender to love (Surrender to love) Let it wrap
its arms around you forever (oh yeah, yeah)
Surrender to love It’will only change your world
for the better

Surrender to love

I wanna feel like i've got heaven all around me
Angels in disguise I wanna tell my heart it's
finally won its freedom (yeah) What a sweet

I know there’s a blessing in each fork in the
road In every lesson learned And every heavy,
heavy load So don’t be afraid to fall You’ll never
Find more similar lyrics on it all Come and see everyone will win if we

Surrender to love

Let it wrap its arms around you forever (forever
and ever, c’mon darling) Surrender to love

It will only change your world for the better

Surrender to love

Trust your need to follow (just follow) Trust in
where you'll be tomorrow

Feel the change comin’ on like a sunrise You can
dream it And you can be it So just close your eyes

Surrender to love (to love) Let it wrap its arms
around you forever (forever) Surrender to love
(I’ll surrender, baby) It will only change your
world for the better

Oh It’ll change the world and you surrender
Surender to love Let it wrap its arms around you
forever Surrender to love It’ll change your world
for thye better
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Lyrics to Surrende to Love
by Laura Pausini (Completo)

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