Lyrics to Think Twice (X Version)
by LaVern Baker & Jackie Wilson

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[edit]Song titleThink Twice (X Version)
[edit]Artist nameLaVern Baker
[edit]FeaturingJackie Wilson
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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'Think Twice Version X'

(start runnin) start runnin' 1, 2, 1, 2,

I said, you better think twice, Jackie (think)
Before you call me a dirty whore
I've got news for you little boy
Don't fuck wit me no mo'

So, you better be nice
You better take my advice
Oh, you dirty bastard, think twice
Ooh, a-think twice

Now, wait a minute for me bitch (cheater)
Yeah, I had just about enough of yo shit
I wanna take it, e-e-eazy, yeah
You dirty son-of-a-bitch

I'm gonna walk on out the do', yeah
Ain't gonna kiss yo ass no mo'
Bye, bye, ho'
Fuck her, road ho'

Now, listen to me, honey
I give you all reefers, all the cocaine
And you still fuckin' up, you understand that?

Jackie (spoken):
Ya always wuppin' up yo' dress down
Like, look Jackie
That's alright, just lick it
You know how to do that don't ya?

Find more similar lyrics on don't want no mo' of yo' reefer
You know how to eat ice cream?
Hide yo' pussy
You eat ice cream?
Never, no, not that kind
Chocolate, chocolate, just lick it
Alright, alright yeah
The road ho', yeah

Listen to me, Jackie, (Yeah!)
Befo' you jump up with yo' fleas
I've got news for you little boy
Jackie: What's that?
There ain't another, a-cunt like me
So, you better be nice
Jackie: High ridin' ho
And keep your funky lice
Ooh, baby think twice
Yes, you dirty bastard
A-baby think twice
Ooh, honey

I heard Max sorry whore, say
LaVern: What'd he say?
'LaVerne is a dirty, bitch black whale'
She changed my hair it's turnin gray

And Phil is a queer, yeah
LaVern: No messin?
Jackie: He's a stone queer from outta here
All over
Hey-hey-hey, dizzy!

Album: If It Ain't A Hit, I'll Eat ...My Baby - 'The Dirtiest Of Them Dirty Blues'
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Lyrics to Think Twice (X Version)
by LaVern Baker & Jackie Wilson

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