Lyrics to Hot dog
by Led Zeppelin

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[edit]Song titleHot dog
[edit]Artist nameLed Zeppelin
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well I just got into town today
To find my girl who's gone away
She took the Greyhound at the General Store
I searched myself I searched the town
When I finally did sit down
I find myself no wiser than before

She said we couldn't do no wrong
No other love could be so strong
She locked up my heart in her bottom drawer
Now she took my heart she took my keys
From in my old blue dungarees
And I'll never go to Texas anymore

Chorus: Now my baby's gone I don't know what to do
She took my love and walked right out the door
And if I ever find that girl I know one thing for sure
I'm gonna give her something like she never had before
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I took her love at seventeen
A little late these days it seems
But they said heaven is well worth waiting for
I took her word I took it all
Beneath the sign that said "U-haul"
She left angels hangin round for more


I thought I had it all sewn up
Our love, a plot, a pick-up truck
But folks said she was after something more
I never did quite understand
All that talk about rockin' bands
But they just rolled my doll right out the door
Oh yeah, they just rolled my doll right out the door!
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Lyrics to Hot dog
by Led Zeppelin

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