Lyrics to Lean, Mean, Lovin' Machine
by Lee Greenwood

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[edit]Song titleLean, Mean, Lovin' Machine
[edit]Artist nameLee Greenwood
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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my baby's face is like an angel's smile
ain't no other like the mother of my child
she doesn't think about the latest style
she's not the kind you'd think would
ever drive you wild
but there's a side of her that no one
else can see
and when we're all alone she shows it all to me
she turns into a
lean, mean, lovin' machine
better than the centerfold in any magazine
she's my lean, mean, lovin' machine
she's the answer to this workin' man's dream
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i shave my face and straighten up my tie
she walks me to the door and kisses me goodbye
all day long my mind is occupied
with every detail of our loving last night
i know the gentle wife that waits at home
just can't wait to get her man alone

and turn into a
lean, mean, lovin' machine
better than a centerfold in any magazine
she's my lean, mean, lovin' machine
she's the answer to this workin' man's dream
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Lyrics to Lean, Mean, Lovin' Machine
by Lee Greenwood

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