Lyrics to New Creation
by Leeland

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[edit]Song titleNew Creation
[edit]Artist nameLeeland
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Standing at the gate of love waiting for the life of the Son
To follow me 'til I am undone
Oh, You pulled me out of the mud up from the miry clay
You washed all my sins away, I've been redeemed

I am a new creation
I have been born again

I'm here, here in the world, but my home is in Heavenly place
Far above the stars out in space, I'm not afraid
Death, where is your sting? Hell will never conquer me
A love pure and holy has set me free, yeah

And I am a new creation
I have been born again
Oh, I am a new creation
I have been born again

Find more similar lyrics on behold, the old has passed away
There's a hole inside of me
And I'll never run away from You
Anymore, anymore

I am a new creation
I have been born again
And I am a new creation
I have been born again

Come on, yeah, come on, yeah
The old has passed away and the new has come
(I am a new creation)
Yeah, yeah
(I have been born again)

I am a new creation
I have been born again
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Lyrics to New Creation
by Leeland

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