Lyrics to L.A. Doga Beach
by Leningrad Cowboys

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[edit]Song titleL.A. Doga Beach
[edit]Artist nameLeningrad Cowboys
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Sitting here alone,
I still don't understand
They're up in outer space
The boys in the band
They left me here to stay
Spitting out some sand
And now I'm going down
With a bottle in my hand
Drunk on L.A. Doga beach
Seven in the morning
This drinking is no fun
Bottle after bottle
Unitl the day is done
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Then drinking all day long
The only thing I hear is me
Singing my song
Drunk on L.A. Doga beach
I hope they'll be back
And take me from this place
So I tune my balalaika
Waiting for that day
But when I start to play
People run away
And now I understand
Why they left me here to stay
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Lyrics to L.A. Doga Beach
by Leningrad Cowboys

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