Lyrics to Flowers for zoe
by Lenny Kravitz

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[edit]Song titleFlowers for zoe
[edit]Artist nameLenny Kravitz
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Flowers for Zoe
Love for Zoe
Angels and rainbows
All kinds of things you can call your own

Gardens for Zoe
And oceans for Zoe
Jungle gym playgrounds
All kinds of things for you to explore

Flowers for Zoe
Love for Zoe
Find more similar lyrics on and rainbows
All kinds of things you can, call your own
Yea yea yea

God is for Zoe
And Heaven's for Zoe
Oh can you believe
That everything is waiting to unfold

Na na, you can call your own
Na na na na, you can call your own
Woo ah ha, you can call your own
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Lyrics to Flowers for zoe
by Lenny Kravitz

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