Lyrics to Naked
by Leona Lewis

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[edit]Song titleNaked
[edit]Artist nameLeona Lewis
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You could have left
me on a firday
Would have loved to
had least had the
To go under and
To stay under
To get better
To stay better

But you had to pick a monday
Now I gotta go to work
And get through 5 days
And get through it
And if I can't do it
And no, I can't do it

there's a
heartbreaking chill
running t
Through my bones
I got my clothes
but I can't really
Feel them on Oh no
Whatever I do
I'm naked
I'm naked
Without you

Can't go out, can't
go home, can't go
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Covered up but I'm
still watching
people stare Oh no
Now what can I do
I'm naked
I'm naked
Without you

Tryin' focus to go un-noticed
But the harder I
try I see them
And I can't do it no
They see through it yeah
They see through it


Inside out
Still hiding
Outside I'm just too exposed
I know that I should let go

Ohh, that I miss you


Now what can I do
I'm naked
I'm naked
Without you
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Lyrics to Naked
by Leona Lewis

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