Lyrics to Hourglass
by Leslie Phillips

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[edit]Song titleHourglass
[edit]Artist nameLeslie Phillips
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Verse 1:
I hear a ticking, it keeps on ticking
Though it's only inside my head
The light is flicking,
and hell is kicking
A believer before its dead

And I'm looking to the hourglass
That's running out of sand
I'm looking through the hourglass
Into another land

Verse 2:
I hear a crying of people dying
Find more similar lyrics on it's taking me to the street
Intensifying a self-denying
That bringing will starve defeat

Repeat Chorus

Time is sifting away so fast
Loving...I've got to love what lasts
'Cause where you hide your treasure
You hide your heart
If you hide it in this world
You know it's gonna fall apart

Repeat Chorus
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Lyrics to Hourglass
by Leslie Phillips

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