Lyrics to 24 Hours in Paramus
by Less Than Jake

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[edit]Song title24 Hours in Paramus
[edit]Artist nameLess Than Jake
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Man this town will drive you insane
Check my thoughts to check my brain
Hold my wallet like it's glued
In one square block it'll tell you
What it thinks of you
And there's nothing you can do
And all that's left to say
And all that's left to say, now
Is feet don't fail me now
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This town can be so unkind
Forget about sleep there's nothing you can do
In 24 hours this town has become a living hell
And there's nothing you can do
10-9-8 forty ounces fill this place
7-6-5 then watch the bullets to stay alive
4-3-2 no one way out of this
It's been 24 hours in paramus
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Lyrics to 24 Hours in Paramus
by Less Than Jake

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