Lyrics to Ain't Coming Home Tonight
by Lil Boosie

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[edit]Song titleAin't Coming Home Tonight
[edit]Artist nameLil Boosie
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Verse 1:
I got a call from a friend who I used to love.
She told me meet me at da bar at my favorite club.
I Sat down got my drink from my favorite wine.
Den I felt a cold rush comin from behind.
She grabbed my waist and whisperd in my ear,
Thug I miss you.
We need to talk cause me and my man, we got sum issues.
We started remininesin bad times and da gud times.
Like my first line.
You cute, will u be mine?
Smellin jus lik how I rememba.
She was lookin fine.
And I ain't comin home tonite.
Dats wuts on my mind.
Tell my girl I got studio time.
Go snatch a rentle cause my car draw to much attention.
We hit da room
We got to drankin and shyt.
And on top I was gon angle my dicc.
We hit da embassy suites.
Man she turned 2 a beast.
She introducd me to her tongue ring and put me to sleep.

I ain't comin home tonite.
I no it ain't rite
I no it ain't rite.
Bt I ain't comin home tonite.
I no it ain't rite
I no it ain't rite
Bt I ain't comin home tonite.
I no it ain't rite
I no it ain't rite
Bt I ain't comin home tonite.
Cause tonight I'm on flight
Tonight I'm on flight.

Verse 2:
Jus had a concert.
I'm tired and my lungs hurt
Wen she walk n vip with a high skirt
She had a azz lik buffy
She turnd me on
I even went startd blushin wen I saw ha thong.
She grabbd my cheeks and sed ohh u so cute.
She had a girl dat wantd webbie
She was sold 2
I askd can we come n see em b4 we tak it in
I hit dey spot
I hit da tub
She start laughn den
Don look lik I'm comin home tonite
Cause da conversation rite and da vibe is tight
Man she came 2 da bed
With a tshirt and ha draws on
Find more similar lyrics on soon as she lay onside boosie,
I got a hard on
I put my hand up on ha thighs
Den I rub dat coochie
I hurd her moan up unda ha breath " oh boosie"
Dat pussy soakin wet
Man we all on da floor
I hit ha from da bacc
And it's a fact dat I ain't comin home

I ain't comin home tonite
I no it ain't rite
I no it ain't rite
Bt I ain't comin home tonite
I no it ain't rite
I no it ain't rite
Bt I ain't comin home tonite
I no it ain't rite
I no it ain't rite
Bt I ain't comin home tonite
Cause tonite I'm on flight
Tonite I'm on flight

Verse 3:
Me n my girl jus had a fite
I gotta get away
Look lik I ain't comin home 4 a couple days
I hit da plane
I Chill
Put on my shades
On da plane came shhh
Now I'm n a daze
I approached her
U remember dem lil boosie days?
I broke ya virgin at 15
Now u feel playd
By da way
Y dem bruises on yo fukkn face?
She sed my man still bringin up dat boosie case.
Wuts yo destination?
Dats wur I'm goin 2
I'm at da same hotel u at
Room 102
And u can come to my room
Bt she sed no
She sed no u can come 2 mynes.
I got a surprise.
I walkd up into da room
And smelld was da best
She had on a lil red dress


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Lyrics to Ain't Coming Home Tonight
by Lil Boosie

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