Lyrics to Pain
by Lil Boosie

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[edit]Song titlePain
[edit]Artist nameLil Boosie
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I finally moved out my momma house
Got a happy home
Only thing fucked up, Daddy gone (Gone forever man)
Listen up this is real shit (Real shit)
It's fucked up when u got nobody to share it with (Fucked up)
Give my last so my grandma can see me now (See me now)
Smilin tellin everybody bout her grandbaby (her grandbaby)
T-Lady hold on all I got is you (Mama)
It's fucked up what I done put me and my mama through
What's happenin Ivory I know you lookin down watchin me
Everyday I got yo kids fresh from head to feet (All of em)
Wish I can put u in the bentley with the brown ?
I wish we never would've went out to that club
On the road to riches mane lost a flock of niggas
? a whole block of niggas
Niggas bite the hand that feed em I done seen it all
Jus got a call... Slo dead... Not my fuckin dawg

I never thought this pain last this many years
I... I never thought this pain last this many years
Still in tears
I... I never thought this pain last this many years

I lost my daddy in a heartbeat
Real talk eyes turnin right in front me
Ever since I saw that shit... it hunt me
Pray for me cause I shake in my fuckin sleep
Wish ?
I shoulda put him under my wing and I miss him nigga
I told ? way back stop ridin with ya pack
He ain't listen
And now my nigga right back in penitentury he don't listen
Find more similar lyrics on lost Ivory and it fucked me up
My whole life changed
Nigga put me up in beast mode
My heart cold
And as the years role
I wish that he could have everything I got
And a lil mo'
Yo kids love me nigga
My kids and yo kids call each other sistera and brothers
You forever my lil hustler
Just saw yo gangsta at the car lot nigga and a tear dropped nigga

I never thought this pain last this many years
I... I never thought this pain last this many years
Still in tears
I... I never thought this pain last this many years

Seem like it was yesterday
The mo money I get this shit hurt
I thought that would take the stress away
To see u smilin with yo chain countin money nigga
When Trina pulled you on stage you was stuntin nigga
But through it all mane you kno how we rock nigga
From the yo to the block to the hospital
Never again would I have another big dawg
But ya mama and kids I got em all but I

I never thought this pain last this many years
I... I never thought this pain last this many years
Still in tears
I... I never thought this pain last this many years
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Lyrics to Pain
by Lil Boosie

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