Lyrics to Dirty Souf
by Lil' Flip & R.E.D.D & H.a.w.k.

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[edit]Song titleDirty Souf
[edit]Artist nameLil' Flip
[edit]FeaturingR.E.D.D & H.a.w.k.
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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south side.... dirty dirty....
south side.. ahhhhh

It's the dirty south, it's
just the dirty south,
It's the dirty south, the
dirty south, the dirty south
repeat 2X

down south we wear bandannas and denim suites
down south you gone always
spot us in them coupes

Lil' Flip
well down south we drivin bentleys and jaguars
and we play all our hoes like
a game of flash cars

down south we bout that dolla dolla
grab a trick then hit and make em holla holla

Lil' Flip
Down South we eatin Timmy Chan's and noodles
I just bought an Escalade and a PT cruiser

down south my wrist stay below freezin
down south my niggas brag for no reason

Lil' Flip
in down south everybody shop in the galeria
I dont care about the price I
drop money like diarhea

down south we rollin fancy cars
escalades drop tops and rovers wit role bars

Lil' Flip
down south lil flip pimpin sluts
down south we wearin Princess cuts

down south is the place where
dem caddy trucks stunt
ugly birds get shot down like duck hunt

Lil' Flip
down south at my concerts I'm packin em in
and you can see my diamonds
from the back of my hand

down south candy paint bumper grill
and to be for real I'm already done cart wheels

Lil' Flip
down south we all about stackin chips
and if you get outa line we packin clips

down south they know redd one of the best
plus I shine like I got a sun on my chest

Lil' Flip
in down south I put diamonds all in your face
and I'm sellin fifty thousand
i'll leave your state

down south these bezeltines an baggets
so much ice you could bobsled off my chest

Lil' Flip
down south we sip serve and fall asleep
down south cant nobody else ball like me

It's the dirty south, it's
just the dirty south,
It's the dirty south, the dirty
south, the dirty south

Lil' Flip
down south when we drive we hoggin the lane
86 baggets clogin my rang

down south we count money on
the back of the jags
but if I'm broke you gone find me
with a gat in the mast

Find more similar lyrics on south we smoke hydro and sip syrup
down south it's boo boo guess and ice bergh

Lil' Flip
down south we ride swangers on drop tops
after karintons we ride through our house

Lil' Flip
down south lil flip the only freestyle king
down south we all known for big balling

down south we spit slang notice my voice dragin
take a look at my clothes ice bergh jeans sagin

down south we some ghetto stars
when we havin sex it's minashatwa

Lil' Flip
down south I hope yall know it's hot as hell
and if ya tape aint jammin it's not gone sell

Lil' Flip
down south it's rolex and cardiere
we dont go to clubs unless
they got a party there

down south 5-0's be slangin the billy clubs
down south you aint gone find
to many silly thugs

down south stick together like glue
and we love our music slowed down by screw

Lil' Flip
down south lil flip wreckin all these boys
major labels dont even wanna call these boys

Lil' Flip
down south I make em stop like DMX
and lil kids poppin wheelies on they bmx

down south every other ride is on twenty inches
on a bad day I prolly
conversate with twenty winches

down south we push rhymes like weight
and the real hangry grill fake hang with fake

Lil' Flip
down south it aint no stopin me
and I got more zeros then the lottery

It's the dirty south, it's
just the dirty south,
It's the dirty south, the dirty
south, the dirty south 2x

down south ladies throw
brawls right in your way
man I love to rock ice just
to brighten your day

down south all you hear is H.A.W.K.
and thats the reason why I hit
your (flum face ??)

Lil' Flip
down south we ridin in vipers and vets
down south we wearin nikes and sweats

Lil' Flip
and down south sucka free got the game sewed up
down south everybody sayin man hold up

Lil' Flip
down south all we do is ride on chrome
down south we got dvd's inside our home

Lil' Flip
down south we ballin for the millenium
I got a drop escalade and I
aint even twenty-one

Lil' Flip
down south everybody know I'm shinin quick
can somebody flush the toilet toilet sound
cuz I'm the shit down south
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Lyrics to Dirty Souf
by Lil' Flip & R.E.D.D & H.a.w.k.

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