Lyrics to Find my Way
by Lil' Flip & Epidemik

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[edit]Song titleFind my Way
[edit]Artist nameLil' Flip
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Chorus - Epidemik
Tell me why I can't see where I'm goin(No)
when everybody else see's, where I'm comin from
and I don't know why I travel down these dead end roads
I gotta turn this car around-and find my way home

Verse 1 - Lil' Flip
When you listen to my music do you feel my shit
look I don't need punchlines cause I live my shit
alot of cats selling they soul for radio play
that's why we need mo' rappers like Common and Kayne
niggaz scared to be broke so they fake it, to make it
if my album went gold I'd still be the greatest
back in the days I would get caught for trulency
but now I'm puttin money back in my community
I took my homies out the hood now they got jobs
cause it's more to life then dodgin cop cars
I played the block hard, now I play the pop charts
now I'm gettin dumb money, cause I got smart


Verse 2 - Lil' Flip
Aiiyo I never seen a man cry, till I seen a man die
so when you talk to me look me in my damn eyes
cause I been through it all and my scars prove it
cause when it come to that paper homie I'm a do it
I just rhyme part time you better know it
these lines comin from my mind so I never wrote it
keep my nine by my spine so I never show it
yeah I'm addicted to pine but I never grow it
Find more similar lyrics on the reason I got signed cause I'm a poet
half of my niggaz doin time but I'm focused
that's why I'm stayin on my grind if you haven't noticed
that old Cadillac transformed to a Lotus


Verse 3 - Lil' Flip
When ya new album drop everybody ya friend
niggaz actin like they down but I know they pretend
I use to scrap up money for studio time
I'm like Jay Z homie I remember my rhymes
ain't nobody help me out when my cash was low
bills comin too fast so I had to blow
and I walked by faith, not by sight
cause I know G-O-D will guide me right
I take the bitter with the sweet, I know you feel my pain
why we gotta get harassed when we board the plane
I ain't tryna preach to you but I hope you relate
even at a dead end you gotta find yo'way(Okay, Okay)


Talking - Lil' Flip
I wanna dedicate this track here to my grandparents
ya know they stuck with me through thick and thin
ya knah'im'sayin since day one, without my family
ya know I ain't got no back bone man
so I dedicate this to you and pray to God
you gon'find a way...holla back
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Lyrics to Find my Way
by Lil' Flip & Epidemik

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