Lyrics to School Days
by Lil' Rob

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[edit]Song titleSchool Days
[edit]Artist nameLil' Rob
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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up in tha morning and out to school, the teacher
is teaching the golden rule american history,
practical math, studing hard hoping to pass,
working your fingers right down to the bone, and
the guy behind you wont live you alone, "ring
ring" goes the bell, their cooking the
lunches ready to sell, you're lucky if you can
find a seat, fortunate if you have time to eat ,
back in the class room open youre books, keep with
the teacher you dont know how mean she looks as
soon as 3:00 rolls around, you finally lay your
burdon down, close up your books get out of your
seat, down the halls and into the street, up to
the corner around the bend, ride to the juke
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(chorus) 2 times drop the coin right into the
slot,you gotta hear something thats really
hot,with the one you love, you'll make it
romance,all day long you've been wanting to dance
feelin the music from head to toe,round and round
and round we go

Hail,Hail rock n' roll,deliver me from these days
of cold, long live rock n' roll, the beat of the
drums loud and gold, rock, rock, rock n' roll, the
feeling is there, body and soul
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Lyrics to School Days
by Lil' Rob

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