Lyrics to Oh Yeah (Work)
by Lil Scrappy & E-40 & Youngbloodz

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[edit]Song titleOh Yeah (Work)
[edit]Artist nameLil Scrappy
[edit]FeaturingE-40 & Youngbloodz
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Lil Scrappy
I hear everyone of you
We do it like the army do
I can go vertical
Let's go, hey, hold up (hold up)
No!!! Blow!!! Oh!!!
C'mon, crank it, c'mon! Eh! Oh!

Got Cartier frames coverin' up my eyes
26 inches inbetween my tire
Knot in my pocket man at least three grand
diamonds on my neck and a pistol in my hand
I'ma get money nigga, I grind like hell
when I'm short on my cheese I'ma crank up the scale
Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah I'ma crank up the scale
Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah I'ma crank up the scale!

Lil Scrappy
I'm never goin' broke no mo'
aslong as my folks keep -guns-? and the blow
They sell it on up and then they bring back mo'
and everybody askin' what I got that work fo'
(Got What!!!)
Got diamonds in my shades, that Cartier frame
You look up at my face
and tell her you a -grain-?, the ho be amazed
they be like OH!
Nigga see it from the boss, see the way it glow
Yeah! Them thangs twinkle in the light bright
I don't know, I jus twinkle in the lime light
gotta Chevy same color as a can of Sprite
sippin' on the X.O. got me feelin' right
I've been livin', my whole life pimpin'
you'll never catch me slippin'
fuckin' with ya'll women
Scrap be chillin', I stay on the grind
It's hard life we livin', I stay with my nine


Sean Paul of Youngbloodz
I ain't gotta hit these streets no mo' (no mo')
Criss inten ten o twenty fo' a show
Notice I ain't out but four times
every week (every week)
during the time four every week get G'd (get G'd)
Cartier shade with the gator cut wood (cut wood)
proud of football, damn ya'll niggaz do it (do it)
Find more similar lyrics on we in Atlanta now they
callin me and you (you)
everyday I'm hustlin' diamonds up
against the wood (wood)
Dope boy fresh dressed in red
monkey clothes (clothes)
gotta stay fresh fo' you dead monkey hoe (hoe)
26 inches sittin' tall like whoa (like whoa)
Get the cameraman I'm a God damn show
Shower cap and all, bitch you already know (know)
fuck around wit dope, and squeeze
some money outta hoe (hoe)
Get money nigga, yeah I grind like hell
rubberband around my money, like a
God damn playa (damn playa)


Swapped out grill
they say that hustla that (that) boy worth a few mill
he sittin' at the bar tearin' up hundred dolla bills
that's his car parked in the front
door on them big wheels
He ain't never been a punk!
Booga Suga Pusha
fuck a state troopa
I'm livin' fo the moment,I ain't livin' fo the future
My dooza bring it to you, bring the noise like a tuba
crack your peanut shell, run up on you with the ruga
Smoke herb like a hippie (hippie)
drink like a pirate (pirate)
wrist real crisp (crisp), haters
don't like it (like it)
Jack of all trades (trades),
gotta get my chips (chips)
manipulate your braud, put your
chick on Craig List (List)
Traffic I'm in and out (out)
gotta work when it's a drought (drought)
don't take the main street (street)
take the other route (route)
Sucka use your head
you heard what I said
I'm gettin' carpal tunnel while I'm
countin' all this bread
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Lyrics to Oh Yeah (Work)
by Lil Scrappy & E-40 & Youngbloodz

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