Lyrics to Track Star
by Lil' Sonic & Pharrell Williams

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[edit]Song titleTrack Star
[edit]Artist nameLil' Sonic
[edit]FeaturingPharrell Williams
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Yup, Sonic
Yo Yo Yeah (x4)
Yo Yo Yeah (x4)

I'm a star... cruisin down Ocean Drive
Ridin' thru the city lookin' Oh so fly,
Wrists fresh, whips neat
Louis V sneaks right under my feet,
I'm a star shoppin' on Rodeo Drive
Touchin' anything that money can buy,
Wrists fresh, whips neat
A beauty next to me in the passenger seat

Verse 1
I shine everday like I'm made of bling
I blew up like Lil' Weezy on Everything
I'm hood and so bright like the fronts of Bimmers
You think you fresh then, I guess I'm the cleaners
Speakers mean, but mine are meaner
I heard your joints cool man, but i'm the heater
Others park junk, i'm a meter reader
Got home run's like i'm Derek Jeter
I make rackets like my names Serena
They follow me around cause i'm a leader
Got no time for bottom feeders listen
I'm a family guy, so call me Peter Griffin
I'm on time like a special delivery
I'm the fresh prince, but they slow like Hilary
People walk around sayin anything
But i'm like Saturn, cause I got many rings

Verse 2
Find more similar lyrics on'm a Hip-Hop Star, Neighborhood Rock Star,
I'm not a Trap star, (nope) I'm a Track Star
I fly thru the city, in them fast cars
Beamin in the M3 like it's Nascar
I'm on the A-List ya'll just C listers
They love to hear this, when I bump through speakers
My tracks addicting, something like nicotine
They used to roll me up, now they blowin rings
DJs been spinning me, since i've hit the scene
Now i'm stackin bucks and the whips so clean
Why should I be blue, man I'm gettin green
I'm the flyest dude in the whole galaxy
I know they likin' me, it's easy to see
I have the most drive and i'm under 18
I'm hot like fire, and i'm gettin' props
I'm fresh but you might need to check ya crops

Verse 3
It's Tricky on the beat like I'm DMC
Adidas on my feet yes I'm fresh and clean
I'm like a goldsmith, cause I make hot bars,
And I ride hot cars, just like the TrakStarz
Money in the bank but my name ain't Scrappy
I don't need cash alone to be happy, even/
If u scratch the pocket, i'm rich on personality &
Thats the real reason y ya girl wants 2 be wit me
Like Naruto you crazy thinkin you rival me
Cause I'm incredible, unforgettable
so unbreakble, So leave now if you/
think are a match cause i'm highly flammable
Look up & far you know u see me
The only drawback is dude can't see me
Labels all around tryin to catch my eyes
Cause I rock Lyrically & Production wise
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Lyrics to Track Star
by Lil' Sonic & Pharrell Williams

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