Lyrics to Break me off
by Lil' Wayne & Big Tymers & Unplugged

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[edit]Song titleBreak me off
[edit]Artist nameLil' Wayne
[edit]FeaturingBig Tymers & Unplugged
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Lil Wayne talking
We have them bitches like it was unplugged
Its Weezy Wee, Mannie Fresh, and Unplugged
We have them bitches like it was unplugged
Weezy, Fresh, and Unplugged

Verse 1:
Lil Wayne
Give me a big fine bitch in a dress
One put them lips in effect
Suck the dick 'til the shit in her chest
You can piss on her brest
I like that shit
Project hoes like that dick, Don't bite that dick
Give me a Spanish sweet hoe
Black from Puerto Rico
Freak ho, Specialize in givin' me deep throat
Really dont care how short how
plump, short or thick
Give me head, Don't care, Swallow cum don't spit
Aww shit, I like them Jamicians and them Hatians
Niggas can't take it when they
shake an make me rape 'em
White girl's I video tape 'em and they enjoy it
They love it when everybody saw it
Its off tha chain
High yellow Mexican bitches they all for brain
But watch them hoes who want the change
Its not a game
Or short cuban hoe, With a fat ass though
An I'll keep the bitch just like Fidel Castro

Tell me what you like
Let me tell you what I like
You goin' on an breakin' me off
by the end of the night
You can ride with me
Cause I like ya Simmon's jeans
Ain't tryin' to make a love scene
Truly I just want you to break me off

Verse 2:
Lil Wanye
Weezy the hottest
Drinkin' Barcadi
I stream through the scene on a Lincon on Robbers
Lookin' for the finest dime, To wine and dine
Later on I'm tryin' to climb behind ya spine
Find more similar lyrics on up lil mama, Slow ya ass down
Pick it up, Throw ya ass down
Now throw ya ass around
An scream me name
I can't hear you say it louder what (Wayne, Wayne)
A damn shame
Better watch that boy he nasty
I strap on a plastic
Break ya off like elastic
Put the dick in the middle,
Make it wiggle for ya'll
Might be small, But that dick ain't little at all
I like a short thick broad, Fat ass an shit
Like Taso flip like Trina The Baddest Bitch
Matter of fact when I see her,
Pull her Over like a cop
Juve coulda Backed It Up an I woulda
Dropped It Like Its Hot
Ha Ha, Ya heard me
Ha Ha, Unplugged


Verse 3:
Mannie Fresh
I like them big, round, yellow and brown
A bitch that take it from the back
and make the (Ugh Ugh) sound
Now you can bounce, slide,
drop, giddy up, giddy up
Now you can ride til you feel
it hit a nut, hit a nut
Bounce for ya hood, Shake for ya baby daddy
Twerk for that nigga who got you
pregnant in the Caddy
Slide with the KY, Hold up ???
My bitch got thong, You bitch got drawls
My chick like to swallow, Yo chick like to spit
If yo chick was my chick I'd still love that bitch
Hold up, Chill out, Wait a minute stop
My Ginseng, Viagra, and a Strawberry pop
See I'm feelin' kinda bold, Why
don't ya bring a friend
From vigina to the asshole do it again
I want a yucky down misses bout whatever
Yo mama loved a Tymer, Now you welcome
You ok Lil mama and I love that chick
But deep down inside I just love me dick

Chorus 4x
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Lyrics to Break me off
by Lil' Wayne & Big Tymers & Unplugged

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