Lyrics to Nightmares of the Bottom
by Lil' Wayne

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[edit]Song titleNightmares of the Bottom
[edit]Artist nameLil' Wayne
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Sleepin’ at the top, nightmares of the bottom
Everybody wanna be fly til you swat ‘em
But who am I to talk? I ain't shittin’ roses
We in in the same picture but we all got different poses
I'm looking in my rear view, I see the world in it
I try to slow down, and I get rear ended
Pause! Like a red light, I'm dead right!
Highway to Heaven, God do you see my headlights?
They say “you don't know what you're doing till you stop doing it”
Well call me clueless cause I do this
Attention all shooters, I'm a shooting star
Life is a course and I'mma shoot for Par
I'm searching for today instead I found tomorrow
And I put that shit right back like I'll see what I find tomorrow
Young Money CMR, I'm Blood like a scar
I'm Weezy F baby and the F ain't for “Flaw”

It's like I have it all
But I don't have to worry
Married to the money, a true love story
Only God can judge me, I don't need a jury
Nothing standing in my way, like nothings my security
Back to my journey, that bullshit don't concern me
If I knew I was going to jail I would have fucked my attorney
Find more similar lyrics on you sleeping on me, than I hope you toss and turning
I'm so cold I'm hypothermic, ask yo girl she will confirm it
Now what we doing with it
You keep opening ya grill, I'm barbecuing with it
I know my shit already tight so I ain't screwing with it
Some say this shit is a joke well I hope they get it
Ok, I'm walking on needles, sticking to the point
Yeah the streets is talking, I'm familiar with the voice
I'm a gangsta by choice I hope my son’s choose wiser
And don't call me sir, call me survivor

And I ain't doing nothin’ but getting my share
Breathin’ this air
If Miss Rochelle told me she gon keep me in her prayers
So I'm feeling alright I'm tryna stay aware
And if you wanna trip than I'mma meet ya there
To my niggas in the game, keep the game fair
Players play, coaches coach and cheerleaders cheer
I'm tryna keep spirit when the ghost disappear
Weezy F baby and the F ain't for fear
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Lyrics to Nightmares of the Bottom
by Lil' Wayne

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