Lyrics to Spitter
by Lil' Wayne

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[edit]Song titleSpitter
[edit]Artist nameLil' Wayne
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Spit yo game, talk yo
shit, grab yo gat
Call yo click x2
Squeez yo clip hit tha
right one pass tha weed
Gotta lite one Repeat

Verse 1:
Wat ya mammy told ya
bout fuckin round with
them soilders
Told ya I'll be back I'm
commin I got that
Dats blood all ova ya sofas
Blood all ova ya postas,
Blood all ova ya sholdas,
Blood all ova tha strollas,
Do that shit I done that
shit it's Weezy Baby
He's a baby put that
nigga run that shit
Make that money come back quick
Take that money from that bitch
She know wat it be M-O-B
Pistol write the M-I-Re
You know wat it be M-O-Me
Bitches know were that
lime lead 2 words
Room key, where? Penthouse Suiet
Wear not a damn thing
I'm here batabambing
My hand bing
My wrist bling
My neck bling
My ear bling
Supa bowl ring bitch
Cash money young money
Supa bowl team bitch
Money, money, money, money
I'm true to those things bitch
You with those pussy
hoes I shoot at those
queens bitch
This Is New Orleans bitch,
Murder, dope fein shit!

Chorus x2

Verse 2:
Wat ya papi told ya bout
fuckin round with them soilders
I told ya i'm comin back I
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Dats blood all ova ya rova
Blood all ova ya shofa
Blood all ova ya lofa's
If I get in to close thats
Blood all ova my toasta
Blood all ova my hosta
I'm in em' Es-Cas that's
Blood all ova my hova's (Fuck)
I'm hustlin with a Motive
My niggas need me
The a tiger In my pocket
Say "Feed me" It's greedy
See them niggas
Jack them niggas
Kill them niggas
Wack them niggas
Ask them bitches
Ask them niggas
Weezy Baby that tha nigga
Catch me smashin In tha Vee
Matchin seats, matchin feet
Sheesh that bitch too
sweet fa tha streetz
Got that key for tha leaf,
that feast the beef
No need to speak, let
It be wat It be
Niggas want piece, I
make em' leave here
Piece by piece Fuck me Fuck you
Wat it is
Wat it do
I've been ready since 81'
and I was born I 82'
Holleygrove where I'm from
but we call that bitch tha Zoo
I ain't neva trust a
bitch since she ate that
forrbidden fruit
Sucka free,
sucka proof,
50 shots,
Cut em Loose
Quarter back weezy baby
Shotgun, run and shoot
Comin true youngin do wat
youngin do ball baby
at Home Furnacatin, homie
by tha phone waitin Got-Damn -I-Am -A-Man -Tha-Man -Tha-Mu
-Ing-Pre-Sident Bitch

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Lyrics to Spitter
by Lil' Wayne

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