Lyrics to We Back Soon
by Lil' Wayne

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[edit]Song titleWe Back Soon
[edit]Artist nameLil' Wayne
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Verse 1
Sittin’ in a Ferrari, thinking ’bout money
I swear I will go head up with all of y’all, bumper cars
Bullshit fly by me, I’m ducking all the bad vibes
Shoot you nine times just in case you got cat lives
My punchlines give you black eyes
Like like, go kill yourself Seven Pounds
I’ve been to hell and back, and made it back fine
Black diamonds killin’ them, black on black crime
Now can I live and if I can, can I live it up?
I’mma squeeze life, just enough to fill a cup
Well, shut the fuck up and steam the purp
Drink it all, I’m dead, so I throw some ice in it
and belch when I finish

(‘cuse me, ‘cuse me)

I heard you got that good, ready for the take-off
Fire up that wood, let the jets blast off
Find more similar lyrics on another World, right next to that white moon
Fly in the sky, tell em we’ll be back soon

Verse 2
Uh, its the martian and I come for all
I swear I will go head up with all y’all, bumper cars
Nigga I’m a slumber dog, millionaire, been there
Smoke some kush and snap my fingers in case you got cat lives
Uh, so much for being settled down
Suicide flow, go and kill ya self, Seven Pounds
Blunt thick as Bobby Christina, high as Serena’s skirt
Only smoking that real grass, no arena turf
Now can I live and if I can, I rep that dirty south
And you haven’t seen cleaner dirt, you haven’t seen it worse
So shut the fuck up and steam the purp
Tell them haters “arrivederc”
Yeah I lost my mind, help me find it I will lead the search

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Lyrics to We Back Soon
by Lil' Wayne

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