Lyrics to What I Wanna Do
by Lil' Keke & Liz

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[edit]Song titleWhat I Wanna Do
[edit]Artist nameLil' Keke
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Lil' Keke
We had fights and arguments and all the above
I guess that's the life that comes with true love
Sixteen, probably being too fly
But it's a trip girl look how ten years went by
On the passenger side when I drove my first car
With no, a.c. just praying to be a star
We skipped school, and move around on the double
Go to the crib do it like a married couple
You a hot girl, and I wanna be your T
We both learned the hard way, that's how shit be
And a lot of drama, and I ain't gone lie, it's cheap
But at the end of the day girl you still my boo
It wasn't ever bout the money or the late night grind
Cause a nigga went broke, and did it three more times
From the lame game, to the fortune and fame
Your heat still the same, ain't a damn thang changed, c'mon

Chorus x2: Liz
You know what I wanna do
Nothing I could find
You know that mine and it's mine
Ain't nothing but love, and ain't a damn thang changed

Lil' Keke
When I left girl, I was coming back to get you
It was picture perfect, but I could paint a perfect picture
I've been hard broke, but it's all in your mind
I use to think about my daddy saying look in time
Cause the media, the public you know how they do it
We use to block em out the way because we so use to it
I don't know everything, but I'ma swear I do
Cause I be damned if another nigga run through you
Find more similar lyrics on use to lace you up, I got you right and tight
Niggas fly as a jet, so don't take that flight
I ain't the one, Lil' Keke the Don, I bar none
Everything done changed since the birth of my son
I'm a different man, whether you see it or not
It's gone be hard for another dude to take my spot
I get my cash baby, because you know it's a must
But the money ain't a thang, that ain't nothing on us, c'mon

Chorus x2

Lil' Keke
Ain't nothing in the world could take the place of you
You your daddy's best man, and you just turned two
I love the way you high five and jab like defeat
Get dressed and grab your hat cause you rolling with me
You turn the music up soon as we get in the truck
And when I turn it down to talk to you turn it right back up
When we jump out, you want the first thing you see
And I can't really say nothing shit you just like me
You my heart, you my soul, you my pride and joy
You my nigga, you my ace, you my baby boy
You throw your dukes up homie like you ready to fight
With something new everyday, boy you flying your kite
And you stay motivated, so I keep on strutting
And I swear on my life, I wouldn't trade you for nothing
You the best thang happened, couldn't see it no better
Having anything you want, you my dog forever, c'mon

Chorus x2

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Lyrics to What I Wanna Do
by Lil' Keke & Liz

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