Lyrics to Vision in the Night
by Lillian Axe

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[edit]Song titleVision in the Night
[edit]Artist nameLillian Axe
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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One winter night, hear the call
Look through her burning eyes
He saw her face, a distorted blur
Like a dream that never lies

Fade away to black
(Never) Never coming back
(She's a) Shadow in his mind
(She's a) Love he'll never find
Haunting scenes causing you pain
Making you realize
Climbing the walls, going insane
Never to see her eyes

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She's a diamond in the
firelight of love
She's a vision in the night
She's a memory of a clouded mind
She's a vision of love

One winter night, she held his hand
Making him lose his mind
He turned around, nowhere to be found
He knew he'd never find her

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Lyrics to Vision in the Night
by Lillian Axe

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