Lyrics to ... a Psychopath
by Lisa Germano

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[edit]Song title... a Psychopath
[edit]Artist nameLisa Germano
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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A baseball bat, a baseball bat beside my bed I'll
wait around and wait around, and wait I hear a
noise, I hear a noise, well I hear something I am
alone, you win again, I'm paralyzed I drift away,
I'll drift away, am I asleep yet I hear a scream,
I see me scream, is it from memory Am I awake, am
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thing of mace That thing of mace, the thing of
mace, where did I leave it A psychopath, a
psychopath, he says he loves me And I'm alone, and
I am cold and paralyzed, I can't move
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Lyrics to ... a Psychopath
by Lisa Germano

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