Lyrics to Around the Earth
by Lisa Germano

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[edit]Song titleAround the Earth
[edit]Artist nameLisa Germano
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Artist : Lisa Germano
Title : Around the world
What can I say ?
I lost my ????
When I found it I gave anything
To change the world
We are ????
We make mistakes we
make more in ????
We are ???? as we feel
In the way the way of forgiveness
I'm so ????
Can I really believe what I say ?
Love is everywhere
and I can have it
If I see it
What a waste
What a waste to feel
the way I feel
When happiness is just
around the corner
Yes happiness is just
around the corner
From forgiveness
Once around the world
You feel my way around the world
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Feel my way around
Nobody teaches how to laugh
Nobody teaches how to live
Nobody taught me what to do
When life gets pretty ugly
What a waste
What a waste to feel
the way I feel
When happiness is just
around the corner
And love is everywhere
And I could have it
If I see it
Once around the world
Twice around the world
Can you feel my way
around the world
Feel my way around
How can you can you feel
How can you feel my way around
Can can you feel
Can you feel it
Can you feel it
Can can you feel it
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Lyrics to Around the Earth
by Lisa Germano

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