Lyrics to Spider Monkey
by Lita Ford

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[edit]Song titleSpider Monkey
[edit]Artist nameLita Ford
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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One two fuck me

I'm a spider monkey baby, gonna crawl all over you
I'm a spider monkey baby, gonna crawl all over you
And I'm gonna love you baby, just like a spider monkey do, oh yeah

I've been swinging in this jungle ever since I was a child
I've been swinging in this jungle ever since I was a baby child
And I'm gonna wait for you darling
To come and join me in the wild, oh, yeah, yeah


Find more similar lyrics on'm a spider monkey baby, just can't keep me down
I'm a spider monkey baby, oh, never touch the ground
Won't you swing with me honey, down in spider monkey town, yeah

I'm a spider monkey baby, I'm gonna get you in my tree
I'm a spider monkey sugar, I'm gonna get you in my tree
Oh, come on sweet baby, do that monkey thing with me, hey

Spider monkey baby, oh yeah, spider monkey
Spider monkey baby, Incomprehensible

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Lyrics to Spider Monkey
by Lita Ford

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