Lyrics to Anal Autopsy
by Lividity

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[edit]Song titleAnal Autopsy
[edit]Artist nameLividity
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Music: Lividity; Lyrics: Bishop

I'll dissect with skill
And when I'm done
I'll tear you limb from limb
Then slice you from your,
Snatch back to your ass
The blood it flows
All over everything
You lay upon
Your tortures just begun
Anal autopsy
The dissection of butts
Anus ripping
And I will sew it shut
Guts and innards
Your bowels removed from you
Now you're dying
I'll enjoy watching to die
Suck my dick bitch then
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Hard to do when you are dead
Now that you're bodies
run stiff and cold
Ass sewn shut
For no fee
Sucked my dick
That enough
Sucked my dick but I
won't save you
Stupid whore
Sucked my dick but I
won't save you
Worthless whore
Fuck your ass but I
won't save you
Stinking whore
Used your ass but I
won't save you
You fucking whore
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Lyrics to Anal Autopsy
by Lividity

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