Lyrics to Die Young
by Living Death

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[edit]Song titleDie Young
[edit]Artist nameLiving Death
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You're aged fitteen and wanna do everything that
Mom and dad were never able to do
Noone who stops you, live your life and realize
Your teenage dreams
Don't care about the world and society problems
Cause it makes no difference to you
If friends are long haired junkies
or shrt haired drunkies
Cause they all live their life too

We're young - you're old
Go out of our way
If you wanna find your eternal peace - do it!
We don't care
We all will - die young
There's no sence in growin' old
In the morning at school you are searchi the guy
Who's selling your favorite drug
Find more similar lyrics on 10 school is over for you,
cause you don't wanna learn
Things you never could change
At home one more time you must hear
all the things you must do
Or specially not
So you better move to town, where you meet your crowd
In which every one is think in' like you

You ask your self way dont'ey leave me alone
With my life and with my dreams
Even in mom and dad are going out they pass no chance
To declare what it seems
To have a child like you what
doesn't care about its life
A nasty, crazy fool
You're laughing at'em, we're all laughing at'em
They're not forus - their morbid rules
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Lyrics to Die Young
by Living Death

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